starting to hate eating

  1. starting to hate eating

    I am, like many, looking to bulk. The problem is the more strict I make my diet the less calories I actually eat because I hate what I am eating. Constantly eating browin rice, oatmeal, tuna, eggs, and chicken makes me feel sick all day. Most days at the gym I almost puke from eating. Getting a 40/40/20 meal through chicken breast and oatmeal is impossible for me to hold down without puking. I probably get 3,500 calories in a day and that is only cuz before I go to bed each night I eat 3/4 of a can of natti pb. I dont have a week stomach, I can eat four big macs in a row, its the clean eating that is killing my appeatite. Any suggestions?

  2. go ahead and eat the occassional Big Mac. until your gut adjusts to all the food it's taking in. The you can eliminate it and replace it with cleaner foods.

    Eating clean is definitely not easy but you will adjust

    Good luck.

  3. yes, to help me get more cals and protien in I have been drinking a half gallon to 3/4 of a gallon of milk a day.

  4. Milk really doesnt fill me up and I usually drink it after already feeling stuffed, it is usually is the only thing I can still get down after eating. But it does bloat the **** out of you. I have been drinking large quanities of milk for about a month now and my girlfirend makes fun of my new belly.

  5. crowler---could you post your diet on a typical day for me when you have the chance? I would like to take a look. Maybe it will give me some ideas.

  6. Post the diet bro.

    If you are afraid of critism on your diet then obviously it's not as perfect as you think it is.

  7. I am not a member at any of those, just post it dude, **** everybody else....if it works for you when it works....period.

  8. Originally Posted by CROWLER:

    HEY ******* I NEVER said it was perfect. I never said it was even good.

    I suggested maybe Undertaker was getting bloated from milk

    That is ALL I said dickweed

    Then he asked about my diet so stay the **** out of my conversation.
    No need to be negative bro. People are here to learn and discuss. There shouldn't be any reason why you wouldn't feel comfortable posting your diet if it works for you.

    Why so negative and harsh?

  9. woaahhh???? I dont know how the hell this all blew outta proportion. What the hell happened top Crowlers posts?

  10. I have what I consider a pretty clean diet, but I still get the occasional subway footlong or ribs and steak and other good stuff. There's no need to go overboard on "super clean" dieting unless you really need to lose weight or need to be on a speacialized diet to compete or something. Besides, cheat meals are excellent ways to add a lot of calories!


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