Ok I usuually do

1 hour before workout:
20gms WPI
15 Minutes before:

Animal Nitro+ Gatorade or juice (probably about 8oz) (animal nitro is a free form EAA/BCAA combo)
Drink the rest of the gatorade, sometimes has creatine or body octane mixed in

Right after workout:
Animal nitro, 2 tablespoons dextrose, 1 cap GXR then I start cardio, and take my PWO shake after the cardio

PWO shake is:
4ogms WPI and 3-4 table spoons dextrose

Now I was told that the animalnitro and dextrose right after the workout would be used my my body for energy during the cardio and not go to my muscles, I was told to wait until after cardio to take my animal nitro, then wait 30 minutes and eat my PWO shake, that would put my Animal Nitro 30minutes PWO, and my PWO shake 1 hour PWO. Seems like a bit long.

Does this sound better?

Wake up:
Eat a shake (20gms protein)
Shake with oats
Preworkout shake
Post workout nitro
Post workout shake

I am cutting/body recomping