ok I need to have edges over my competitors to become a p.t

I have started 1-ad(300-600mg) and m-dien(20mg a day ED as a winny replacement)

Also t3 at 6 squirts and clen at 120mg

whilst running a u.d 2.0 style diet- without the carb up for just the first week.

so thyroid action should be up there as well as thermogenesis
muscle will be preserved via gluconeogenesis and 1ad
and m-dien.

I would though add yohimbe and synephedrine as yohimbe blocks certain clen downgraders and synephedrine will keep appetite at bay.

I have neurostim and other products to keep my attitude positive

but what can I use to bump up norephedrine NE production?
I know H.E.A>T by avants had eviodamine and hisitdine but what other products will help boost appeite supression as usually this is where I break.

also I will take melatonin and gaba and other sleeping aides as low cal/carb tends to keep me awake every night without fail.

nictoine I heard helps but anything else?
also I dont plan to reply but if anyone could offer any critiques, strategies etc I would be very gratefull.

Thank you,

p.s I ve seen how they make olivio its a good product.