hello 2 every one well the thing is i go to the gym 4 times a week
    for 2yrs and i'v still got the body of a skiny teenager. i was woundering if
    any one could help me in any way at all ( i would like 2 put on weight) as well
    hope u can help

  2. starting with the basics, what's your diet like? how many meals per day? what's your total protein, carbs, and fats? how much sleep do you get?

  3. design your program around squats, deadlifts, bench press, dips and chins.

    My guess is your diet is probably not in order, you need to make sure you eat enough and not overtrain, there are alot of good sites out there that you could probably get a sample program from and go from there, what have you been doing??

  4. ye i havnt really got a strict diet does any one know some site's that
    can help me with a diet

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bl ess
    ye i havnt really got a strict diet does any one know some site's that
    can help me with a diet
    Um...this site is a good start. Here is some info I wrote in another thread, others might chime in and fill in the blanks.

    Here are some good tips

    1. Slowly cycle your calories up, if raised too quickly you will gain a higher percentage of fat
    2. 1.5-2 grams a day of protein from lean, low cholesterol foods
    3. 6 meals a day and if you are really hardcore, throw in 2 protein shakes to make it a total of 8
    4. Rest as much as possible
    5. Use the anabolic properties of insulin responsibly!
    6. Pre-Plan your meals ahead of time!
    7. Drink tons of water
    8. Proper supplementation
    9. Don't do anything physically demanding on your days off ( or do as little as possible, I realize many have physically demanding jobs )

    Supplements you should use
    1. Creatine for increased ATP levels
    2. Glutamine, increased recovery, increased immune system and increased protein synthesis.
    3. Whey
    4. Multivitamin / Multimineral
    5. Maltodextrin/Dextrose post workout
    6. ZMA for enhanced testosterone, GH, recovery, and sleeping patterns
    7. Vitamin C, don't leave home without it! It is the ultimate antioxidant
    8. Flax Seed Oil and Safflower Oil. A great way to get your essential Fatty acids

    You want to initially be eating 500 cals above maintainenec. So if you are currently eating 2000 cals per day, start at 2500 and slowly increase cals untill you start seeing weight gains. A good place to start is probably a 50/30/20 split of carbs/protien/fats. If you are unsure of how to figure out calorie intake go to fitday.com and register for a free acount, enter your food details there and it will work it all out for you.

    Now to planning some meals

    Breakfast you want fast acting protein source and some low gi carbs, whey protein, oats, whole wheat bread, egg whites are all good

    Pre and post workout nutrition?. These are essential as pre gives you fuel for you workout and post forces the muscles to uptake nutrients and repair alot faster

    Pre workout you want around 30g of fast acting protein ie protein powder and 30-40 grams of high gi carbs like dextrose if you will be working out fairly soon or bananas/oats if workout is more than an hour away.

    Post workout 50g protein powder 100g carbs made up of dextrose/maltodextrin and oats.

    Rest of your meals try to make from as much whole foods as possible

    30% protein from

    Whey protein
    Egg whites
    Chicken breasts
    Turkey Breasts
    Lean Beef
    Fish (tuna, salmon)
    Protein bar
    Soy protein Isolate

    50% carbs from

    Potatoes (baked, fries, hash browns)
    Sweet Potatoes, yams
    Oatmeal, cream of wheat, cream of rice rice
    Any green leafy vegetable
    All cereals (hot or cold)

    20% Healthy Fats from

    Olive oil
    Sunflower oil
    Safflower oil
    Flaxseed oil

    That should get you started

  6. thanks very much i that will help i will start that straight away
    how long do u think it would take to see a differance roughly?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bl ess
    thanks very much i that will help i will start that straight away
    how long do u think it would take to see a differance roughly?
    You will be ripped in 1-2 days!

    Sorry only kidding, If was a overnight thing we would all be huge. It will take a while to learn how you respond to different ratio's of food as well as getting your training in check.

    You will however respond to the above diet alot better than you would just eating what ever you can.

    Most important is to take measurements now of all body parts as well as body fat and weight. Make a diet and training plan. You need to be able to track your progress and make changes on the way. With a good diet and training you should aim for a 1-2lbs increase a week anymore and most likely you are gaining more fat than muscle and should drop some cals, anyless and you should post your diet and traing on here and get some more advice.lol

    Dont try and change your diet everyday you will fail, it is to hard to constantly work out the macronutrient content of every meal every day for months on end.

    Work out your meals in advance and pre make where possible, I have always found it is easier to eat the same thing every day. It can get boring but is alot easier and once you get into the swing of things it becomes second nature and is easy to modify when necesary.

    Plan for at least 3-4 whole food main meals each day and supplement with say 2 home made weight gainer shakes.

    Otherwise invest in the basic supps, whey protein powder, multi vitamin, flax oil and a good creatine supplement I would suggest cex for this I never responded to creatine before this so I highly recommend it.

    Finnaly continue reading and learning on boards such as these, you can save yourself years of fruitless effort by learning from others experiences of ineffective training methods, supps and diets.

  8. Nice posting enimity!

  9. bump jeep,basic compound movements 3 days a wk.if you are a hard gainer.and no cardio.

  10. enimity- Just a question of curiousity why is the carb intake higher than the protein intake? This is the first time I have ever seen this. Not questioning your post, but rather wanting to learn. Thanks


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