tomato sauce on whole wheat pasta

  1. tomato sauce on whole wheat pasta

    is it cool to put tomato sauce on whole wheat pasta? The tomato sauce I use is homeade. I am talking in general terms, is it ok in terms of a body building diet?

  2. make yourself some good pasta sauce! you just need canned tomatoes, some spices, onions and meat if you want some extra protein, it tastes alot better!

  3. He just said the sauce he uses is homemade.


  4. well there are 2 types of tomato sauce, pasta sauce, and the tomato sauce you put on sausages/hamburgers and other BBQ items

  5. There's no broblem with it. Especially if it's home made. You can limit the fat content. Just make sure you factor in those carbs.

  6. Tomato sauce or stewed tomatoes is good to simmer chicken breast in as well.

    If you're one for pork chops, try simmering them in tomato paste for something different.

  7. thank god, if I had to give up pasta sauce, I think id shoot myself. It adds flavor, which, as any weight trainer knows is always a plus.

  8. Pretty much all veggies are good. Pasta sause (homemade especially) is pretty much all veggies and spices.

  9. Yep, I eat it all the time. Being Italian, I'm addicted.


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