Home Brew Carb Drink

  1. Home Brew Carb Drink

    Well keeping in the spirit of this board I'd like to share my home brew carb shake recipe that taste so good you'll think it's got to be bad.

    1 packet of your favorite kool-aid flavour (I like orange)
    115g of Maltodextrin
    75g of Dextrose
    10g of Fructose
    20oz of water

    Make 2 16oz servings

    Per serving:
    Cals: 400
    Carbs: 100g
    Protein: 0

    I add 35g of Isopure Vanilla Whey to this during Keto to start my refeed after my depletion workout and it tatse like a creamsicle....no ****.

  2. Sooooo many carbs.....

  3. Originally posted by Sheesh
    Sooooo many carbs.....
    Well they don't call it a carb drink for nothing you know.

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