white potatoes vs red potatoes

  1. white potatoes vs red potatoes

    Is it true that white potatoes are a hi gi carb and red potatoes are a low gi carb?

  2. yams are best

  3. I get so sick of yams though, what about gold potatoes?

  4. Here's some info for ya:

    The Pontiac with its pink skin, low starch & a GI=80, stands out. The link between starch & GI’s is strong. Harvested before they mature, potatoes are low in starch & GI, later, they have a higher starch & GI.

    Potatoes rated lowest to highest:

    Ruby Crescent, Russian, Round Red, La Soda, La Touge, Red Norland & Red Pontiac.

    Long White. White Rose, Round White, Eastern, California, Canada, Delaware, Irish Cobbler, Katahdin, Kennebec, Long Island, Maine, Superior & Yellow Finn

    Russet, Arcadia, Burbank & Idaho.

  5. Great site dude!!! thanks, everything is I eat is way higher in GI scale then I thought, I need to do some work on my diet.

  6. that's why when I diet... it's chicken and yams for 5 meals and egg whites and oatmeal for my other meal.

    Sucks but least I know exactly what I am getting. Hard to **** up that diet too lol


  7. so lemme get this straight, if I mash my yams before eating them, it raised the GI level?

  8. I believe it has to do with the more sugar being released due to the mashing process.

  9. what is a good # to keep under on the GI scale?

  10. for me, I like 60'ish.

    Lower the better obviously.

    And remember, it's not so much the individual food value but the glycemic response of the MEAL. One food could be low but another throw it overboard.


  11. south beach diets have food broken down into low and high GI carbs, they're a good point for reference IMO.

  12. so it is additive? like if one is 60 and the other is 30 the net is 90 if eaten together? For Instance if I had a chicken breast sandwich on 100% stone ground whole wheat (nothing on the sandwich) and a banana that would be a no no?

  13. No, that's not how GR is calculated. It's not cumulative and the only way to know for sure is to use a glucose monitor.

    I did this a while back for my own verification and proven to be very interesting. Also, those numbers may not be relative to each person as body weight, blood volume, etc will take into account the actual GR of a food.

  14. Heres another page that describes the GI and GL and how they correlate. Not bad reading

  15. alot of this **** is confusing to me, it show white rice and brown rice having about the smae gi? I was under the impress white was hi and brown was low? Also I make pancakes from a 100% buckwheat pancake mix and I was under the impression they were low gi.

  16. yes, white rice is high GI while grain and brown rice is lower GI .


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