Analyze diet please..

  1. Analyze diet please..

    Hey need to drop some weight for a tourney at the end of the month,
    Can you guys tell me if this looks alright?

    Working with 178lbs LBM x 12 aprox for cals

    Total cals - aprox 2200kcals, P-217g, C-210g, F-64g

    Meal 1: protein shake, 1 cup oats, 1/4 cup milk, 2 eggs, 1 bannana

    Meal 2: 1 can tuna, tortilla, salsa or tomato, 1 oz avocado

    Meal 3: 3oz lean lunch meat, tortilla, 1 oz avocado

    Meal 4: same as meal 3

    Meal 5: 2 chicken breasts (10oz in total) 3/4 cup veggies, 1 cup pasta

    1tbsp flax oil, multi, zma, joint supps, 2g tyrosine

    I do 3-4 1.5-3 hours sessions of mixed martial arts training per week, as well i
    will be adding at least 1 day of HIIT on a off day

    Thoughts? comments?

    Any predictions on how much fat i can lose in 4 weeks?

    edit: oh yeah i will probably be hitting a EC stack during to keep the cravings down and energy up

  2. Hey Kris'
    Id say buckwheat for pasta or something like lentils
    its more protein, less gi and has more minerals and crap then flour.
    but overall it looks good man.


  3. Thank jinkk, when i use up the pasta i have lying around i wanna get some whole wheat or buckwheat pasta.

    The hard part of this diet will be keeping the cravings down.. im in the pastry section at school so im surrounded by sweets all day friggin long. hello ephedrine...

  4. yeah school

    Yeah Patisserie is the worse,
    cutting fruit, making fresh baked goods
    having it available at no cost- infact you must try alot of it.
    then glazing and decorating-
    just drink alot of water
    or fart on the food-
    which ever way works for you.

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