How I cook chicken

  1. How I cook chicken

    Some of you guys may do this already but I figured I'd share this anyway.
    I'm sure most of us buy the bags of frozen chicken breasts, I like tyson best. Take the bag fill it with hot water to thaw them out and then take a pair of kitchen scissors to cut the fat off. Now here is where I do things a bit different, after cutting all the fat off I cut the breast in half. IOW thin slice it kinda like filleting it. The chicken cooks up quicker,more evenly and stays juicier. Just becareful when thin slicing, you need a long sharp blade a filet knife works well.


  2. thats nothing.

    Get a whole chicken or 5 cause its cheaper.

    get a knife
    grab the chiken by the thighs and jackknife towards the breasts-snap
    i.e breasts are face down -push towards the table and end with thumbs rolling ovver the breasts
    i.e \_ |_ /_
    basically ripping it off -then break that in half-two thigh's

    slice the breast down the inner side of the breast plate(not deep) get your fingers and push it off the carcus

    at the winglet just grab tight of the thick part of the breast and pull away from the ribcage
    or get a knife put it between the breast(wing end) and the ribs and push down-crunch.

    boil the carcuss's with onion,carrot, celery for 4 hours, chill, put in fridge, next day remove fat/scum from top and microwave with 4 eqq whites-its broth/stock or clear soup. oh yeah season w/sea salt n pepper

    chicken yeah cut thick slices and do stirfry's(w/water or broth from above) itsthe best or bbq/grill with alot of hot chilli.

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