Check this Fad-Diet Out

  1. Check this Fad-Diet Out

    Well as I was sitting at dinner talking to my mom she mentioned a new diet that she was going on. My first thought was "here goes another atkins type diet" but then it just got bizarre..I will outline the basics of this diet for you..She has an appointment with a Doctor of some sort next week where they glue these little beeds behind your ears on your pressure points. You are suppose to rub these little beeds about 50 times a day..My guess is to keep you from thinking about food. Now onto the diet..

    For two days you are only allowed 20oz of whole milk between the hours of 12pm-6pm.

    The following two days you are allowed up to 2lbs of fruits and vegetables between the hours of 12pm-6pm..

    That is the diet, that is it..Everything you ever learned about nutrition is thrown out the window with this diet. My jaw dropped when I heard this. Now of course my mom and I have conflicting views and goals..For her it is all about weight loss since her coworkers have lost 25-75lbs on this diet but what about actual fat loss, it must be minimal on this pre-annorexic diet? I know women have significantly less muscle than men but I just don't understand how starving yourself promotes any type of healthy diet. Thoughts gentlemen?

  2. You summed it up yourself- most don't care about their health, muscle, or performance, only the number on the scale. This is certainly the wrong way to think but unfortunately it is the most convenient as it is quite easy to simply starve yourself. This is especially true of women since most envision a skinny body as the ideal shape since this is what the current trends suggest, while most men have to worry about getting muscle too.

  3. hhmmmm two pounds of fruits and veggies, dude just stay out of the path of the bathroom

  4. That's just really, really sad. Is there any way that you could drill some sense into your mother?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Shawn W.
    That's just really, really sad. Is there any way that you could drill some sense into your mother?

    I am on my way to trying..She is a nurse too, you would think that someone having some sort of medical knowledge would know better than this!



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