beans and cream of wheat

  1. beans and cream of wheat

    I am wondering...

    1. are beans a low gi carb food? I know there are a lot of types of beans out there. If only some are low gi, could someone tell me which ones they are?

    2. is cream of wheat a low gi carb? It consists mostly of wheat farina and wheat germ.

    I am try to get more low gi's in my diet I am getting sick of oatmeal and brown rice.

  2. bump for the first question

  3. come on, there easy questions

  4. Beans are one of the best sources of carbs out there. Rich as hell in vital nutrients, minerals and fiber, high in protein, low GI, and tasty (at least I think so). Black beans and lentils are your best bet.

    Cream of wheat is moderate-high on the GI scale, low in protein, not rich in vitamins or minerals, but tastes better than oatmeal in my opinion... Not quite the equal of grits in the flavor department though.

  5. what in cream of wheat makes it high gi? I was guessing it was low like oatmeal

  6. How are grits on the GI scale? I can't stand oats (especially plain) so I substitute with grits.

    I would think maybe the grits and cream of wheat are higher GI due to thier thinner, almost liquidy (when comapred to oats) consistency, which would make them absorb easier and therefore faster. Though I have heard ground oats do not absord quicker than whole oats... but I think for some other grains the consistency may matter.

  7. Grits are higher than oatmeal as of cream of wheat. I would try to stick to the oats if possible. Put some splenda on them and theyre not that bad

  8. beans are good carb source but not protien as they are from soy.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by sarge
    beans are good carb source but not protien as they are from soy.


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