Might be stupid question BUT

  1. Might be stupid question BUT

    Can not eating enough calories cause you not to loose weight and store body fat?

  2. definetly yes. if your calorie intake is way to low, your body will get stress out and release hormone called Cortisol which store body fat and won't let it go. also it heppends if you overdose your traning and push to hard.
    the secret of lose whight isn't eat less. is eat RIGHT. also try to minimal your Cardio.
    if i were in that situation of yours i probably was eating the daily RMR intake for a 3 to 5 weeks to let your body metabolisem and hormones get back to normal.

  3. its possible, but not really all that common either. You have to be at pretty low calories for an extended length of time for that to really happen. That's part of why a cheat meal once a week is pretty important, as it helps reset the body's expectation of caloric intake.

  4. Ok thanks good to know gonna try and sort that out and take a bit more cals in

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