Critique my Leangains macros

  1. Critique my Leangains macros

    Started Leangains 8 weeks ago along with alpha T2 and Recreate and have lost 9lbs. Looking to really trim up over the next 3 months and wanted some thoughts on if my macros look legit or would you recommend some tweaking. More so my carb intake on training days. Training 3 days per week, following Martin's recommended set up of compound lifts with a couple iso accessory sets. BF is around 15-16% I'd like to be down to 11% or better by early September.

    Training Day Macros (+10%): Fat-50g, Protein-230, Carbs-300 (shoot for 2550)
    Meal 1: F/25g, P/50g, C/75g
    Meal 2: F/15g, P/55g, C/85g
    Meal 3: F/10g, P125g, C/140g

    Off Days (-30%): Fat-70, Protein-205, Carbs-60 (shoot for 1640 total)
    Meal 1: F/35g, P/100g, C/20g
    Meal 2: F/20g, P/50g, C/25
    Meal 3: F/15g, P/55g, C/15g

    I do 2 meals pre workout, so I try to calculate it at 25-30% total intake for these two meals, then 50% intake post workout. So I guess my main questions is do you think 300g of carbs is a bit too high while attempting a cut? Also having a hard time choking down my post workout meal. I'll post a typical PWO meal and any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Immediately PWO I'll have 2scoops ON whey with 1c 1% milk. then about 45 minutes later a large Russet potato w/ FF sour cream and FF cheddar, 1c Greek yogurt with fresh berries, a banana and 4oz of low sodium deli turkey breast. I usually have a hard time making it to the deli meat. Anybody else suggest a high, clean, carb source not quite as filling as a Baked Potato? Or better than a baked potato? I might have to just take out the turkey PWO and divide it between meals 1 and 2 in order to hit my protein macros.

  2. Pasta? I can eat the **** out of pasta, quality carb.
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