why dont people eat shellfish for protien?

  1. why dont people eat shellfish for protien?

    I always wondered this. I eat shrimp twice week. It it cuz of the cholesterol? I just get sick of chicken

  2. Cost prohibitive and location. Also, shellfish have been indicated as a cause for rises in uric acid levels which can lead to gout. So, individuals with joint problems may want to stay away.

  3. Location? Yes, they are pricey. The protien content is easily disgestible like in chicken, corrrect? Or else I am gonna stop eating them.

  4. Yes, the protein is fine. However, if I did not live near a large body of water, I would never eat shellfish.

  5. It's just a cost factor for me. I love shellfish but for a full meal it gets very pricey.

  6. I'd say cost. Shellfish is pricey and to buy large amounts like most of us do already the bill would be astronomical.


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