Need help meal prep carb cutting

  1. Need help meal prep carb cutting

    Hey guys I got my second physique show on 8/17, I revised my meal plan just need some help. Currently 187lbs 5 foot 11, last show was May 11th and I was on keto for 6 weeks prior but now I'm off. Gained 15lbs since contest, now I want to keep my size and not lose weight so fast. Meal 1: morning preworkout meal 3/4 cup egg whites 3oz chicken 8oz sweet potato 2oz avocado Meal 2: post workout shake 2 scoops iso protein 1 scoop glyco maize Meal 3: post workout meal 1.5 cups brown rice or white 7oz chicken breast 3-4oz veggies Meal 4: lunch/mid day meal 7oz chicken breast 1.75 oz of almonds 2 cups veggies Meal 5: even meal/ dinner last 3/4 cup egg whites 3oz chicken breast 1.5oz avocado 1 cup veggies Total macros 2200 cal 225g's protein 190g's carbs 50g's fat, (1.8-2g's) saturated fats I'm revolving most of my carbs around my workout and last 2 meals protein and veggies Need help to see when to start cutting carbs or fats, last contest I wasn't lean enough probably came in 7-8% bodyfat. I want to have enough carbs as it gets closer to keep that intensity at the gym.

  2. You doing any cardio currently?

  3. I'm doing 35min 4 times a day, step master low intensity

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