Any Help Would Be Great

  1. Any Help Would Be Great

    I have been reading all the useful information everyone posts here and it has made me start on my road to eating better. I instead of the all you can eat chinese buffet I fire up the George Forman grill and have a chicken breast and a handful of brocolli. Im not stopping at Dunkins on my way to work and getting a Large coffee and 2 egg and cheese . But with that being said I dont have a set plan and I think thats what i really need. But I just dont have the slightest clue on where to begin to put something together. BoBos plan sounds like the way to go for a good weight loss plan but untill tax returns come in its just not a option.

    I am about 5-7 200 lbs give or take 5 lbs and bodyfat and other stuff I just dont know and it would scare me to find out As I have posted before I drive a van all day for work so alot of what I need to eat would have to go in a cooler or something . And as far as working out goes, I couldnt even tell you what the inside of a gym looks like. Yeah pretty sad I know . So that is also another hurdle not knowing where to start in a gym . I have friends who go to gyms but they are pretty open about not wanting to try to teach me what to do. So IM reaching out to all the great people here to help me out and point me in the right direction .

    Thanks again and I hope everyone has a great night

  2. Well the first thing you really need to do is keep a food log for at least 3 days. This will give you a good idea on what you are eating.
    You need about 2200 calories to maintain you body weight.. So at first you want to shoot for around that number calories a day. The reason being, IF you are doing cardio and hitting the weights, this should burn ~500 calories per session. As for getting started training. Every gym I know of has a beginners workout that they should give you when you start, I know the gym I got to and work at part-time does... ask for that. Also, one of the staff should be glad to show you how the equipment works or how to do a particular movement.

  3. Hey thanks . I would like to loose weight not maintain it. maybe loose 20 lbs or so . Is 2000 calories to much if im looking to loose?

  4. damn thats all the help I

  5. Hey sorry I can't just be here 24/7
    No I would not drop it for a little bit and se how you body reacts to changing out your foods to more healthy choices.. lean beef, chicken, fish

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    Hey sorry I can't just be here 24/7
    No I would not drop it for a little bit and see how you body reacts to changing out your foods to more healthy choices.. lean beef, chicken, fish
    I agree with MattD here. Keep eating the lean sources of protein, chicken, turkey, fish ect ect... Eat around maint cals and get yourself in a gym. Any gym should be able to help you with a basica routine. Most likely they'll probably put you on some Icarian or Life Fitness circuit but it's fine for a start after a month you'll want to head to the free weights.

    So go join a gym or if you are already a member start using the membership and we'll see what we can do from there. Take care, J

  7. Circuit training is the best thing you can do to start out. It will help you get used to resistance exercise and help to burn off a lot of calories. Most gyms when you join will offer a free session with a trainer, I dont really like most PTs but atleast they can show you proper form with the weights.
    Diet and staying consistent are the hardest parts of trying to be "in shape". So dont be like the majority and join, go for two weeks and then dissappear until next new years.

    Good Luck

  8. Thanks everyone .Yeah I would hate to spend all that money at a gym just to last a few weeks and not want to go again. Its hard because anyone I do know that goes to a gym is way to advanced and just dont have the time to deal with a newbie. Its sucks but oh well. I guess the first thing I should do is accually sit down and plan what I should eat and what i shouldnt. And this weekend go shopping. I see everyone saying you should eat 6 times a day or something like that. Should I also concider a shake or anything ? I drive a van all day so anything that fits in a cooler is what I need. Thanks again for everyones help

  9. planning out a diet is one of the best things you could do right now.

    Plan out meals, snacks and stuff that you could grab on the go if you can't get to something that's part of your diet.

  10. Remember you dont have to go to the gym to lose weight, which seems like your main goal right now, go for a walk or bike ride if you cant get to the gym or add those things to your daily routine. Your body doesnt know or care if your at the gym or in your living room doing aerobics. I always advocate resistance training but if your intimidated at the gym or dont have time to go there are alternatives.


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