starting keto, how much protein?

  1. starting keto, how much protein?

    so apparently too much protein (30%+) will kick you out of ketosis? this is what i've read online, so whatever happened to dave palumbo's keto diet which is high in protein (65%)?

    i take it i should put the whey powder aside?

    i'm currently 220 at 22% bodyfat.
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  2. Never heard of too much protein kicking you out of ketosis...

    High Protein, High Fat, under 30g of carbs is the standard.

    50/40/10 or less at the carb end.
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  3. Too much protein can indeed kick you out of ketosis, but I haven't had that problem and I have been doing 64% fat 33% protein and 3% carbs.

    From Lyle Mcdonald's "The Ketogenic Diet":

    "58% of dietary protein will appear in the bloodstream as glucose (3), raising insulin
    and inhibiting ketogenesis. Note that the insulin response from consuming dietary protein is
    much smaller than that from consuming dietary carbohydrates. Consequently protein must be
    restricted to some degree on a ketogenic diet as excessive protein intake will generate too much
    glucose, impairing or preventing ketosis."

    "a protein intake of 1.5-1.75 grams protein per
    kilogram of ideal body weight (ideal body weight was used to approximate lean body mass) would
    spare most of the nitrogen loss, especially as ketosis developed and the body’s glucose
    requirements decreased."

    "Assuming zero carbohydrate intake, during the first 3 weeks of a ketogenic diet a protein
    intake of ~150 grams per day should be sufficient to achieve nitrogen balance. Therefore,
    regardless of bodyweight, the minimum amount of protein which should be consumed during the
    initial three weeks of a ketogenic diet is 150 grams per day.
    After 3 weeks of ketosis, as little as 50 grams of protein per day should provide enough
    glucose to achieve nitrogen balance."

    Hope that helps

  4. Just make sure you don't eliminate fat along with the carbs.

  5. yeah apparently i've messed up lol as i've been eating pork sirloin for the past 2 out of 3 days of my diet, apparently it's not as high in fat as i'd thought and has about 95 grams of protein... i've lost two pounds so far, pretty sure it's mostly because of the phentermine on my first day, going to keep that handy for about once a week as i don't want to get any rebound weight gain.
    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

  6. Haven't been kicked all the way out of ketosis yet and I've consumed as much as 180g of protein in a day easy. I also check keto stix to verify I'm still in ketosis.

  7. I used to get 250g- 300g of protein 60-80g of fat and under 30g of carbs sometimes 40 and I used to be in deep ketosis and I lost a substantial amount of weight


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