Recommendations on current food plan

  1. Recommendations on current food plan

    Hey all, thanks in advance for any tips that you can provide. Essentially i'm looking for any tips that I can use to tweak my current diet plan. My current stats are 33 yrs old, 5'11, 205, 9% bfat. I'm currently eating 2200 calories per day, which is 500 ish below my maintenance level. I'm doing roughly a 40/40/20 split for macros and on my non-training days i do more like a 40/30/30 and lower my carbs and up my fats. I train M/W/F and do HIIT sprints 1-2x per week and medium distance runs 2 days/week (4-6 miles). My goal is to get down to the 5-6 percent range but retain as much muscle as possible. Currently this is the biggest and leanest i've been at the same time, so I want to make sure as I drop lower in bfat that I maintain as much muscle as possible. In all my previous years of cutting i've always cut carbs way too low and i end up being ripped and too damn skinny. I'm trying to do it right this damn time.

    My meals are pretty damn repetitive at this point, but on training days they go something like this:


    Breakfast - 9 egg whites + 170g sweet potato + 1/2 avocado
    2nd meal - 6 oz chicken + 1 cup quinoa or 230 g sweet potato
    3rd meal - same as 2nd
    4th meal - same
    Post workout (5th meal) - two large bananas, 1.5 scoops of protein
    6th meal - 1.5-2 cups of cottage cheese depending on what i need for calories
    I'll usually much some sugar free jello with my cottage cheese on occasion as well

    The macro's for this are roughly 2200 calories (228 g carbs/222g protein/30g fat)

    On non-training days i do usually the same three meals in the morning but then i'll switch over to eating less carbs and more fat. It goes something like this.

    Breakfast - 9 egg whites + 170g sweet potato + 1/2 avocado
    2nd meal - 6 oz chicken + 1 cup quinoa or 230 g sweet potato
    3rd meal - same as 2nd
    4th meal - 6 oz chicken, 2 cups broccoli, tbsp of coconut oil
    5th meal - 6 oz chicken, some type of veggie and sliced almonds
    6th meal - protein shake, two tbsps natty pb

    Macro's are roughly 2200 calories (163g carbs/250g protein/70g fat)

    I realize this is a lot of info, but hopefully it paints the picture appropriately. I would like to implement some carb cycling, but i'm unsure on what to do on the higher carb days because protein and fat will obviously have to drop. If i eliminate fat all together on the highest carb day i feel like the protein intake my suffer as well in order to keep my cals at 2200. Also, how would you factor in a re-feed day into this or is it necessary? I usually have my cheat meal on Saturday with my wife and i'll eat whatever the hell i want (wings/burgers/pizza) and i'll usually end up drinking a few beers as well. Gotta live a little bit right?

  2. You gotta add more fats to that. Your body is not getting enough to regulate your hormones. That's a large factor in fat loss.

  3. +1 for more fats.
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  4. Thanks for the replies. Obviously something has to give if I up fats and plan to stay at 2200 to remain in a deficit. Protein doesn't budge I imagine so we're left with carbs. How much more fat are we talking? I think it would be easy to add another 30-50g of fat and not cut carbs too much.

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