EC stack plus clenviscerate?

  1. EC stack plus clenviscerate?

    I've been running EC for 10 days on then a week break and I was wondering whether or not I could add clenviscerate or if that'd be too much on my beta receptors. Another option I'm considering is eviscerate by itself cuz I've heard opinions that it's every bit as effective. Thoughts, comments, concerns?

  2. you can, since clenvis is not systemic, that said unless you have visable abs I don't think you'll benefit much from it, or at least that has been my experience with it.
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  3. Thanks for your reply...I do have visible abs, I have calipers that give me a reading of 10% bf but I don't think I'm that low. Would the clenviscerate then burn out my beta receptors in whatever area I put it or would it have a nominal effect?

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