How to Get Rid Of Fat Cells For Good, Advice Needed

  1. How to Get Rid Of Fat Cells For Good, Advice Needed

    Grew up an obese kid and am now paying the price of above average fat cells, mostly around my stomach. I am currently down to around 16% BF but would like to know of a way, besides lipo or injections, that will aid me in getting rid of these cells.

    I am fully aware of how to lose weight and am able to manipulate my body pretty well but am looking to reduce the number of actual fat cells instead of shrink them.

    Will they die off and not return if I stay at a low bf% for a while?

    Any supplementations?

    Thank you

  2. have you tried exercise and diet?

    you seem a little confused on how fat cells work. they dont "die off" and you cant "rid them" from your body. they just shrink when fat is used for energy, and expand when storing fat for future energy needs.

    lipo actually cuts the cells out so they arnt there to grow anymore, but the human body is too smart for that ****. its response is to grow new fat cells, and theyre usually in fugly areas like the shoulders.

    imagine growing bf in your shoulders and triceps. have fun with that

  3. Im fully aware of diet and exercise but am worried that being overweight at a very young age will haunt me in my progress. This is why I am trying to see if there are ways to have the cells die off.

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