peezee's summer cut - suggestions please?

  1. peezee's summer cut - suggestions please?

    Hey guys, newbie here. I tried to start, but was derailed too many times. Now I have (I think) everything set to tear (or rip) it up. Goal is 5 lbs in 1 month. I'm 5'8", 160 lbs.

    I'll be taking in about 2000-2500 calories. Roughly in the 50% P / 40% F / 10 C. What does the forum say about that?

    I've tried multiple schedules to eat, but now that I start work at 7, it's like this:

    Wake up at 5am ish. Immediately have:

    1 scoop humapro
    2 scoops Test Powder
    1 scoop creatine
    1 scoop alphamine
    1 erase pro
    1 alpha-t2

    I bike to work (3.5 mi) at around 6, get to the job site (I work in construction) around 6:30. Have half a shake (500 ish cal) of Ultimate Meal plus protein, start work at 7, work till 10. Finish the shake (another 500 ish cal), work again till 12. Have lunch (about 500-1000 cal), work till 2:30, bike home (3.5 mi).

    Get home around 3, nap, wake up around 4:30, dose with alphamine/humapro again, work out. Replenish with protein/ultimate meal.

    Eat dinner around 7. Go to bed around 9-10 with humapro/sleep aid.


    Would love some advice. Just so you know, I work in construction 7 hours a day (San Francisco represent!) and burn quite a bit of calories. I want to have enough fuel for working out, but still lose weight.

  2. Drink lots of water as well. It may be hard to piss while on a construction site but I piss every hour or less. You didn't mention what lunch and dinner foods are. Make sure your carbs are low with weekly re-feeds. Good luck man, you got this

  3. Thanks. You're right about the water; I can always drink more. We're actually remodeling the new Twitter building so there's real bathrooms. Lunch is typically something with a bit of sweet potatoes or rice (about a half cup), tuna or chicken, and veggies. I'll have about 2oz of almonds thrown in if I feel I need a snack. Dinner is pretty lite since I have post-workout shake about an hour before dinner. Usually it's a huge salad with some nuts & olive oil, maybe 10oz salmon. Workout-wise, I'm going to try Mon-Thurs weights, Friday rest/refeed, Saturday/Sunday sprints. Sound good?

  4. how's this going?

  5. Oh man. I love you guys - you're making me responsible! Which is good; I need that & appreciate it.

    The stack is amazing. Never tried Alphamine before, but now I'm hooked. Absolutely no joint pain with Erase Pro.

    Diet is on point except for the two (or four, heh) times a week when I have a few beers. Need to rein that in to once a week.

    Been keeping carbs low, upping the protein/fat intake. Avoiding sugar & sweets like the plague. Getting leaned out, which is motivating.

    Gonna try the twice a day workout routine mentioned in the AMinds newsletter; it's great for me because I have just a little time before work, and I'm too tired after work. Will update again soon.

    Thanks for keeping me in check!

  6. OK guys, update:

    Diet is on point, alcohol is out except when I have my cheat meal (Friday after work, which is usually pizza & beer), and my dosage has changed a bit. Here it is:

    5 am
    1 scoop humapro
    1 scoop Test Powder
    2 scoops creatine
    1.5 scoops alphamine
    1.5 scoops enhanced
    1 erase pro
    2 alpha-t2

    AM workout

    Right before I bike home, I have the same dose again, except no erase pro and just 1 alpha t2. By the time I get home I'm ready for the PM workout.

    3x a week I do an AM/PM workout (Monday chest & tri, Wednesday back & bi, Friday shoulders & abs) and the other days I do some kind of cardio, basically whatever I feel like, just to keep it interesting & fun.

    Haven't measured anything, but since I've started (especially since laying off the beer) I've leaned out considerably. Starting weight was 158; now I'm at 156. So far so good. Loooooove this stack; I feel like work is a breeze and recovery is amazing with hardly any soreness.
  7. Summer cut stack working gooooooood!


    I'm almost done with Alphamine and am very sad. Love this stuff, and wish I ordered it again in my last Nutra shipment! I might have to get some OEP to carry me over to the next Alphamine run...anyhow...

    Diet continues on point, making sure I get enough good fats, keeping carbs low, with a refeed every 4-5 days. Feeling great. This twice-a-day workout is perfect for me. Changed dosage as follows:

    5 am
    1 scoop humapro
    1 scoop Test Powder
    1 scoops creatine
    2 scoops alphamine
    1 scoop enhanced
    1 alpha-t2

    AM workout, protein drink immediately afterward with 1 cap erase pro.

    Right before I bike home I have:
    1 scoop humapro
    1 scoop Test Powder
    1 scoops creatine
    1 scoops alphamine
    2 scoops enhanced
    2 alpha-t2

    Almost at the end of my run, and down to 154. Last time I leaned out I did no weights, just cardio (Insanity and Insanity Asylum and running). This time I'm bulking while leaning, something I've never done before, and really digging the results. Still doing cardio (going on a run this morning, in fact) and using the morning stack along with Peak Beta+ for endurance. Feel great.

    Definitely recommend this stack and routine. Pricey, but along with diet, super effective, especially after week 2.


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