Diet help for carb nite solution

  1. Diet help for carb nite solution

    I think I've been backtracking the last few days. In an attempt to get my calories up, I'd been slacking for a few days down in the 1500 range mostly due to only having protein(meat/eggs) at my disposal until i went shopping and added cheese, butter and heavy whipping cream to the mix. I started adding casein(cytosport complete casein)to my konasyl/almond milk(silk unsweetened)shake before bed and whey(isopure zero carb) to the same shake before work. I've got my cals back up to the 2200 range, but in the last few days, my face seems to have fattened back up, which was the first place I noticed to shrink. My typical daily diet is
    Breakfast - 2 eggs fried/scrambled, 2 slices bacon, 1/3 cup cheese, spinach/arugula mix w/Italian dressing and 4 Spanish olives. I was using the "carb balance" tortillas some days but I've recently read their not such a good idea. And last the shake I mentioned above.

    Lunch is usually very small, a pack of tuna or 4-6 oz of skinless chicken breast

    Dinner-chicken breast/tilapia/pork chops w/ cheese if its chicken and the spinach/arugula salad. And the other shake listed above.

    Oh, I also usually add heavy whipping cream 2 oz, the the shakes. So my question is where am I messing up. I'm currently 6 days into reorientation.

    Usually I end up with 160-200g protein, 110-160g fat and 18-26g carbs. That protein count is with the whey and casein added in, which accounts for 50g/day.

  2. So...what's your question my man? I've been doing low carbs for years and Carb Nite for the last couple months

  3. Based on my diet listed above, could any of that be causing me to backtrack ?

  4. How long have you been running the diet? I wouldn't use the shakes except for post workout.

  5. I'm 10 days in, tonight is my first carb night. Since the original post, I've discontinued the shakes and the tortillas.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by OptimusX View Post
    I'm 10 days in, tonight is my first carb night. Since the original post, I've discontinued the shakes and the tortillas.
    Ya it isn't going to happen overnight haha. Just give it a little time. I am probably 3 weeks in and already clothes are looser on me. But this is an individual journey for everyone. Glad to hear you got rid of the tortillas and unnecessary shakes. Just have a protein shake after workouts without fat. Hope you did your Carb Nite up right.


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