Advice please

  1. Advice please

    Ok, my diet consist of 2500 calories with carb cycling for 3 days at low carb then 1-2 days of med- high carb. Ill do one cheat meal a week usually on Saturday night. My training is spot on and my cardio. My problem is I haven't lost anymore body fat and with my weight and muscle mass I'm scared to drop my calories anymore due to losing muscle. Any suggestions?? Thanks for the help

  2. you know your bf %? and what ethnicity are you?

  3. How long have you been using that exact diet? Maybe your body is adapting to the diet.

  4. I'm white. My body fat is around 13-15 %. And I been using the diet for awhile but me and the wife went to Jamaica and just got back last week. I took almost 14 days off from diet and training to try and kick start it back up.

  5. its just going slow, but id bet youre still losing. once you hit that range, it gets tough. and its really hard to notice any changes on your own body becuase you see yourself all the time. use pictures or look for the small signs of weight loss. i like to keep track of how vascular my forarms or shoulders are. those are easier to notice small differences

  6. Yeah man I'm very vascular right now which is a good sign but my weight scale hasn't dropped much if any at all in awhile. Frustrating- I'm in the Air Force and I work nights so my typical day is I wake up at around 9 am and down a whey shake. Wait about an hour and eat my breakfast 3 whole eggs 3 whites with 2 pieces of wheat toast. Then after that no more complex carbs. Then about 20 min before gym ill eat half a cup of cottage cheese with my coffee. Then about 1230 I hit the gym, right after trainin I drink my shake and do 30 min of cardio. Then I go to work have a meal which is a lean meat and green veggie. I eat every 2-3 hours, 6-8 meals a day. My **** is spot on but my fat loss has stopped. Low carb 3 days straight then 1-2 re feed days and Saturday night ill have a cheat meal

  7. Refeeed every 3-4 days then drop back down if you notice a stall.

  8. Give IF a try. I'm sure you hear of it.

  9. Yeah I usually re feed on the 3 or 4th day. Do you count your green veggies as carbs?? Do you count your green veggies as carbs cuz I'm trying to keep my carb intake between 50-70g ok low days but by the end of the day I have ended up with about 115g, but I've only had maybe 2 pieces of wheat toast with my eggs for breakfast, the rest is green veggies

  10. Yeah I usually re feed on the 3 or 4th day. Do you count your green veggies as carbs?? Cuz by the end of the day my carbs will be at like 115g but ill only of had maybe 2 pieces of wheat toast in the Mornin with my eggs. The rest is green veggies

  11. do you have any idea what your tdee is?
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  12. Not sure bro what is it

  13. I think a refeed of at least 100g more than what you are taking in now on a refeed day may help spike your leptin and T3 levels...are you refeeding with-in a given amount of time, or just throughout the days? Also, I presume your keeping your fat intake lower on these days, correct?

  14. Yeah bro ill typically do a refeed and ill just eat a certain amount of carbs over the course of the day and ill lower my fats. Should I even count green veggies as carbs?

  15. I don't...


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