Spending extended amounts of time seated.

  1. Spending extended amounts of time seated.

    I've been thinking. I know a lot of people have desk jobs where they are sitting behind a computer for most of their days... Say these people are on a good diet, eating clean, exercising everyday, lifting, etc... With all of that in mind, would it be harder for them to lose their gut/butt being in a chair all day?

    I assume if you work standing up, walking around at work then it would make more sense that your body would be burning more calories but is it to the extent that it would make a huge difference?

  2. Idk bout anyone else but I might say I burnt 500 cals on the treadmill and take that away from my total calories I consumed that day but I don't say well I worked a 6 hour shift so I probably burnt about 500 cals and take that away so I don't think it really matters unless your job contains a lot of physical stuff and tires you out leave the workout stuff at the gym

  3. Naw, lol. I'm wondering if sitting for extended periods has some effect on the abundance of belly fat or if it only comes from eating more and moving less thus not being able to burn off the calories. I only thought about it because, if you have somewhat of a belly, while sitting down your belly just kind of rests and doesn't do much. Maybe standing up all day, your body would understand this and distribute your calories to other areas of the body.

  4. I don't think the position has any effect but I know people get stand up desk just because you're more likely to move around more while standing thus burning more calories also I guess while you're sitting you're more hunched over which could mess up your posture if that helps at all lol

  5. Yea maybe... I'd just like to know if it's been tested or, at least, considered.

  6. Sedentary behaviour is well studied.

    Sedentary behaviour is linked to obesity but this is also disputed. Just remember that the body has adapted to movement (think of hunter gatherer type populations) and then suddenly we are spending a lot of time sitting.

    Follow this link: sedentary behaviour and obesity - Google Scholar


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