hey everyone, I'm doing my first physique show on May11th so I am exactly one week out. I'm very confused on the peak week because I decided to go the route of Keto for my last 6 weeks. As the third week came I noticed that I was tired but I was getting lean. I didn't want to get off keto because I didn't want to spill over if I switched back to my low carb cycling routine. I would do a one week refeed every 7th day taking in around 500'g of clean carbs (brown rice, banana's, oatmeal sweet potatos) and a cheat meal which i did not count the macros. my guess at the end of the day i would have like around 600 to 650g's of carbs. I would always look my best 2 days after my refeed, i would have it on friday and then by sunday I would lose the water weight and look a little tighter. Right now my current stats are 176lbs around 7% bodyfat and im six foot tall. My question is for this peak week what would be the best way to go. should I refeed on wednesday with 800 g's of carbs and go back on keto thursday and friday then for the show just eat those simple carbs right before I hit the stage or should I do a two day carb load? Should I load 500'gs of carbs thursday and the other 300g's on friday or just have carbs to fillout throughout the day so i wont spill over? I'm very confused because I want to look tight and not spilt over and soft.