How do you figure a diet for yourself?

  1. How do you figure a diet for yourself?

    I was reading some threads and I'm curious as to how one would come up with 50/20/20 or something like that? What does it stand for and how do you figure the numbers out? Also as far as food selection, how do you know what is beneficial and what isn't? I would have to say that actually figureing out a diet is my weak part. If someone could help me out in this, I would appreciate it. Thanks everyone.

    About 14% BF

    I am currently on a cardio plan such as: *Just need to figure out a diet for myself*
    Monday - 2 Mile run, Sit-ups, Push-ups
    Tuesday - 8-12 Mile bike ride
    Wed - 2 Mile run, Sit-ups, Push-ups
    Thursday - 8-12 mile bike ride
    Friday - 2 Mile run, Sit-ups, Push-ups

  2. Firstly, what's your objective? (bulking or cutting?)

    Next, the numbers you see such as 50/30/20 represent percentages of macronutrients which make up your total caloric intake (protein, carbohydrates, and fat). You modify those numbers based on your goals, training, and personal requirements.

    Once you figure out your macro percentages, you need to create yourself ķeal plans. 2 good websites to help you out are, and These sites will help you figure out the breakdowns of different foods.

    After that you need to create a final version of your diet and include the macro nutrients and total up the calories. The caloric values of each meal will obviously give you a total value for the day once added up, and that final number is to be determined by what your goals are, what kind of training and cardio you do, and how good of a metabolism you have.

    Once you create you diet plan post it back up here so that we can critique it and help you tweak it.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck.

  3. Hey thanks for that info, I will check out those site and come up with a game plan. I'll post em up when I got something. Thanks again.

  4. Sounds good..

  5. basically i goto and start creating meals
    like workout in the morning, so i'll add oats, chicken, and some fruit to fitday, then i will play around with the quantities, then move to the next meal.... post-workout, i need XXX there
    and so on...

  6. and fitday are my favs for diet info and tracking.

  7. Diet has got to be THE MOST difficult thing in's education + trial and error, IMHO. I'm still trying to get it down...I'm really lagging!!

    Good luck!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    Diet has got to be THE MOST difficult thing in's education + trial and error, IMHO. I'm still trying to get it down...I'm really lagging!!

    Good luck!

    That's most people. Plus, as we age and bulk and cut, our bodies change and always require something to be altered in the diet. So once we finally get that one perfect meal plan set, we have to change it again lol.

  9. You first and foremost have to find your maintenance calories. This would be the amount of calories per day with your same activity level. Then you have a place to start intelligent calorie additions or cuts(whichever you are trying to achieve, gain or lose). There is no one size fits all formula, etc. you can use. We have different metabolic rates, etc. that formulas will not take into account. If you don't believe this, check out the guy next to you(same weight and size) eating 3000 calories per day and gaining like a gorilla, while you eat 4000 calories per day and not gaining anything. The only sure way to do this is write down everything you put in your mouth for 5-7 days while continuing your normal activity levels. Average this out, and if you haven't gained any weight in this time period, you are very close to your maintenance levels.

    Now, as far as macro %'s go, if trying to gain, carbs are protein sparing, and you will want to injest a higher amount of them while less fat. So, something like a 40/50/10, p/c/f may work well for you. As you go to cut, protein will have to dramatically increase, especially as your bf levels drop. This will also make a need for increased fat intake(calories have to come from somewhere as carbs are lowered). These would be of course EFA's for fats. Also dramatically increase your fiber intake.A good macro amount here may be 50/30/20, and as you lower bodyfat, increase protein and fats even more dramatically, 60/15/25. This is about the macro limits I use on a contest diet for instance.

    Hope this helps. Yes, diet is key and the hardest, yet easiest once you understand food to do.


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