Maximum daily protein utilization?

  1. Maximum daily protein utilization?

    Hey guys, wonder if you could help me out here. I'm trying to find any papers that have study the maximum amount of protein one can utilize in a day, or per meal. I've heard everything from 1 x your body weight to 2 x BW, but I haven't been able to find any studies to support either. I'm currently locked in a debate with someone on another board over this issue. He seems to think you need upwards of 2 1/2 X BW and from what I've read this is excessive but would like to back up my claim. I suggested anything above 1.6 x BW won't really be utilized by your body, atleast this is what I've read, but would like to back that up or correct myself with a study.


  2. Personally, I think it kinda depends on the person

  3. I think the reason you won't find any significant studies on this (I know I haven't) is because there are too many variables in whatever equation could be used. I would think one would have to account for everything in a reported number (i.e at X weight, Y bf%, Z age, A traning style, B current diet, etc) that the list of variables would grow too large and any number found may not be of any significance becuase other factors would have to be taken into account. I have seen many, many educated guesses at how much protein should be consumed per day, and most seem to point to 1-1.5 grams/lb for heavily training athletes, 2 or more grams/lb seemed to come from the journals of pro's, and we know not to follow their advice to the tee.

    Another argument is how much can be utilized at one meal, and this one is still argued about every 3 months it seems on the boards. Years ago someone came up with this magical number of around 30g, and some followers still quote it, but no one I have seen can come up with anything concrete on this either. We have educated guesses, and some studies, but the variables are so great with the human body it's too difficult to pinpoint exactly IMO.

  4. As far as I know, no such study exists....

  5. useally people absorb 20-25 grams per meal. thats the average person.



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