Fat tummy - help!

  1. Fat tummy - help!

    Hi, advice welcome,
    Working out for 8 months - every other day: in the gym: full body, interval, strength, and In the pool: - 250 to 300 metres per session front crawl.
    My goal is to lose the fat (mainly visceral) of my tummy - seems to have gotten worse not better, maintained about the same weight have built some muscle but not much.... Diet prob does need attention - eat steak chicken fish, veg, no sugars no processed take protein shakes post work out......
    166inches 154lbs 53 years male.

    many thanks

  2. Tracking your calories? Find maintenance levels and slowly eat less than that. Should lose like a lb a week.

  3. You're going to lose most of your fat by changing what you eat and drink. To start, use a macro tracker like my fitness pal to get a better idea of what you're actually eating. You are going to need to probably increase your fat and decrease your carbs

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