Ab Workout?

  1. Ab Workout?

    What's the best workout for a six pack of abs? I don't know a whole lot about ab workouts so I'm just kinda fishing for some information here.

  2. squats, deads, bench press

  3. 6packs are made in the kitchen, not at the gym.
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  4. we should eat fresh and sensible food and fresh vegetables, which makes us healthier and also doing exercise, whole grain as a carbohydrates source for foods is excellent since its a complicated carbohydrates....

  5. You can be strong as an ox but if your abs are buried beneath a layer of fat...

    Situps won't make your belly go away. You need to change what you eat and drink, reduce carbs

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bla55 View Post
    6packs are made in the kitchen, not at the gym.
    Came in to say this.
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