Hey guys and gals. I just recovered from mono and I'm back on my cut for a few more weeks. I've been working on getting my diet closer to "on point" but compared some of the diets I've seen here I feel like I'm still miles behind everyone else. So, I decided to pony up and get some advice!

My current diet:

7:30 AM: 8 oz. glass of OJ, plain omelet (~3 eggs)

11:00 AM: Salmon fillet and 3/4 cup cooked rice OR whole grain break with 2 slices white american, ham, and honey mustard

5:00 PM: Whole wheat wrap with 2 pieces of grilled chicken (chicken finger cuts), lettuce, mozzarella, and honey mustard, and 2 additional pieces of the same grilled chicken alone

9:00 PM Chicken sandwich with 2 breaded and friend chicken tenders, 2 slices of white american, honey mustard,
lots of hot sauce and some tobasco.

Additional info: I'm in college and limited to dining hall food for my meals. I have an unlimited meal plan so I can eat as much or as often as needed. Also, if I get hungry in between meals I usually eat some plain popcorn with a smidgen of salt and olive oil ("Half Naked Popcorn"). Since February I've dropped 14 pound while eating a bit more than this.

Stats: 5'10", 158 lbs, ~13% body fat (US Naval method)