quick question about oat measurement

  1. quick question about oat measurement

    ok on calorie king
    50gm oats(which I use a half cup measuing device for comes to)
    195cals 33c 8p 4f

    but a 1/2 cup measurement comes to
    303 cals 55c 13p 5f

    dont want to be to anal about it but 400 extra cals a day does add up over a week

    so what should I go for safety and use 1/2 cup measurement or the 50gm one?

    p.s I eat oats 4x a day hence 400 cals a day :-) (carb cycle cut btw)

  2. i would get a scale (well i have one ) and weigh out your portion

  3. dude, I said I use a half cup measurement which = 50gms of oats
    but calorie king has 50gms at 200 cals
    and 1/2 a cup at 300 cals

    so they both weight the same yet have different cal levels-

    thanx for the idea, though.

  4. 1/2 cup dry(40grams) = 1 cup cooked = 150 cals 27 grams of carbs
    1 cup dry(80 grams weighed)= 300 cals 54 grams of carbs
    I weight my oats also that is the measurments

  5. Steel cut oats have twice the calories per cup.. which comes in handy when bulking..

  6. thanx alot guy's
    I realised something aswell' if it only weighs 50gms theres no way it has 55gms of carbs init'
    to much m-dht in the systme- you know what I mean?
    also about steel cut oats' no need my friend
    I have been known to eat 1litre of low cal yoghurt mixed with raw oats it weighs 4 kg's and Ive ate in one day- whilst still eating other meals around it.

    but I work hard- its a satisfaction thing.


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