bread while bulking

  1. bread while bulking

    do you guys think while bread will be bad idea while bulking?
    i will be eating only 2 loafs, nothing else with high GI expect of bread during my diet. i cant find enough clean food to add.
    but i hope i wont gain alot of fat because of that.

  2. Sorry, but I can't make out what you are asking here. If you're asking is bread good while bulking, the answer would be yes. As long as it is whole grain. Also, like everything else, moderation is the key to not gaining fat.

    Look into adding in oats as a carb source. Very good, easy calories, and clean.

  3. If you are bulking, bread is fine. But as Cuffs mentioned, whole grains and breads made of whole grains are vastly superior. Overly refined carb sources (i.e. refined white flour) are like pure sugar on the glycemic index. If you're gonna use 'em, do moderate. And if you are talking 2 loaves per day, you'd better like cardio, or you're gonna gain fat. I eat some high GI stuff myself, 'cause I can't help myself. But I try to do it intelligently, so it works out. I especially like to eat breads and/or cereal post workout with prortein, cause that's a perfect time to indulge.

  4. Depending on the type of bread, its fine. I take in 8-9 slices a day on training days, and 5 on off days, and my fats gains in the last 2 months has been minimal.

  5. Man, when I bulk natty it's around 6k calories, and assisted more like 8k+. Oats bloat up in my stomach and make me feel too full, no way I could handle using them as a carb source

    I used bread for sandwiches, I would make 3-4 sandwiches while I was on cycle, just loaded with lean meat, and carry them around with me to eat. It worked pretty well and tastes great.



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