What workout to do with this meal plan??

  1. What workout to do with this meal plan??

    What's up? Looking to drop some weight fast and get into shape. Plan on running 2-3 miles 3 days a week and add weights 5 days a week.

    A fintness trainer friend of mine gave me a meal plan as follows..

    Meal 1:
    • ½ Cup Rolled Oats (Oatmeal, non sweetened)
    • ½ Banana (or grapefruit)
    • 2 Egg Yolks (I find it easier to buy those eggs that you pour right out of a
    milk carton- saves a ton of time in the morning and they’re actual eggs)
    • 6 Egg Whites

    Meal 2:
    • 1 cup greek yogurt or 1 cup cottage cheese
    • 1 Cup Red Grapes (or an apple)
    • 2 Tsp Flax Oil (optional, but shreds fat)

    Meal 3:
    • 3 Cups Spinach
    • 2 Strips Turkey Bacon, or 6 oz of lean protein (chicken ,tuna, other lean
    fish like talapia or salmon, 99% lean ground turkey)
    • 2 cups veggie of your choice
    • If you need dressing, Balsamic Vinegarette – its lowest in fat
    * Meal 4:
    • 2 Apples
    • 1oz Walnuts
    • 1 ½ Scoops Protein Powder (I use a brand called “syntha-6, which is
    amazing, but you can use any Whey protein)

    Meal 5:
    • 6oz Grilled Salmon
    • ½ Cup Brown Rice
    • 2 Cups Steamed Spinach (or any green veggie)

    Meal 6:
    • 1 Cup Nonfat Cottage Cheese
    • 1oz Toasted Almonds
    • 1/3 Cup Cherry Tomatoes
    • 1/3 Cup Basil Leaves
    • 1/3 Cup Balsamic Vinegar

    On top of this, I'd be drinking two protein shakes as well.

    I used the carbonite stack (OEP, Erase Pro) last year when I was working out heavy and I saw decent results but was also eating according the paleo diet. I don't think the paleo really helped as much as I thought it would.

    Any advice/insight would be awesome. Thanks.

  2. it looks like it is severely lacking in fats.why not make your own meal plan that hits your macronutrient requirements and consuming food you enjoy?
    1300 pound club, 1400 in site

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