Time to start again

  1. Time to start again

    Hello folks! Well where to begin. Ok, so about a year ago, i fell in love and my training suddenly stopped.
    We both used to train like machines, and we even met in a gym. But a year after, my muscle mass is gone, i fat and that's a sad fact now. So i have decided to start again! I'm a 20 year old buk, who has been working out for the past 4 years. I dedicated my life to training, and got the results i wanted. Back in the days when is i was 15- 16 i used to be really fat, so i turned that around, but sadly i'm heading towards that fat again.

    My height is about 5.11"
    my weight is 120kg (used to be 94) -> plus when i say i am fat, i am also big framed, so i look more like bulky atm then actually a ball.
    bf% is sadly 21% (used to be 14%)

    So the past year, i have gone away from my diet, which was living on mean replacement stuff and proteins powders, and replaced that with, junk food, eating out and drinking a lot. But now its time to change that. I wouldn't mind doing a meal replacement diet again, but if there is an alternative to that, i wouldn't mind that, which is why i'm writing this here. my goal is to get rid of the kilos i've put on over the year and also get my muscle mass back. And how to i exactly do that, is the big question. I was thinking a mix of cardio, healthy eating and heavy weight lifting would do that for me perhaps? but i'm not sure. So i hope some bright minds on this forum might be able to help me? When i used to workout, i used to count my calories as well, and since i was on the meal replacement, it was fairly easy as well. I had a goal to stay under 3.5k Calories a day, which a personal-trainer suggested to me.

    Now that i have 'started' again, i will also be using a fatburner to help the fatloss

    But for today my workout today i did following:
    A Superset: Upright Barbell Row 1 set to fail.
    Power clean & jerk 1 set to fail.
    Deadlift 1 sets to fail
    Jump Squats 1 sets to fail.

    Giant set:
    Dumbbell Front Raise 1 set to fail
    Arnold Dumbbell-press 2 sets to fail
    Sideway Raise 1 to fail
    Rear Dumbbell Flyes: 1 to fail.
    Dumbbell Curl 4 sets to fail
    Rotator cuff 4 sets to fail.
    To Finish:
    Crunches 5 sets to fail.
    Leg Raise 5 sets to fail.
    30 mins cardio
    That was my monday workout plan, just to start of. I would love some ideas and workout plans that might be better, i am here to learn

  2. which is the best time??????

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