Hey guys,

Anyone else on CKD? I've tried just about every other dieting method out there, and even with cardio, and lots of weights, I have never gotten the type of results that I have with CKD. It always starts the same, I feel energetic and full all the time, then eventually I always feel hungry, and I get really sick of eating the same types of food over and over (we're talking years here). I then switch to a more normal diet, but I've always found I come back to this one.

I take creatine, fish oil, green tea, raspberry ketones, am currently on Erase 2 pills a day, anabeta elite, end bottle of endosurge, ALCAR, DAA, anyone find any other supplements useful while on CKG. Also no matter what I do, I always love the way it leans me out, but my lifts always go into the toilet. I don't know if it's fuel preference or the actual act of carbs and water giving me more of a mechanical advantage, but I always get weaker on this type of regimen. I tend to train with less volume, and my joints don't feel quite as stable..

I'm doing HIIT 3x a week so far, and I'm hoping this will be enough I have been quite discouraged with the results of doing cardio 5-6x a week and not getting results like I used to..perhaps this is part of the aging process, but hopefully I will be leaned out in a couple of months off of CKD.