t3 tolerance

  1. t3 tolerance

    hi everyone,

    It's been a while since I've posted in this forum but my question is simple. I've used t3 in the past with great results at only 50mcgs now that I'm on my second cycle I feel nothing (the source is legit) is it possible to develope a tolerance to t3?


  2. I suppose it's possible, but not likely.How did you run it las? How long? And how long ago was it?

  3. since november was the last time.

  4. What about the other questions. How'd you run it. For how long? Did you taper?

  5. Basically I ran it for about 12 weeks I tapered only to 50mcg and kept it at that dose. for a total of 12 weeks. I lost 50lbs in the process.

  6. 12 weeks is a bit more aggressive than I would do, but can't argue with 50 lbs.

    The thyroid is a fairly durable gland and 12 weeks at such a moderate dose shouldn't be too much but Step 1 would be to see a doctor.

    Secondly are you having any of the usual effects? Sweating?

    Are you 100% sure your source is legit? Could it be underdosed?

    Why don't you think it's working?

  7. well because at 50mcgs I was sweating and my heart rate was higher. now that I am running it I dont feel anything at all and my source has sent me another batch.


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