225lbs Looking to cut April 1

  1. 225lbs Looking to cut April 1

    Wt up peeps,
    I'm a healthy muscular build at 6'1 225lbs. I'm wanting to shed weight and get really lean. I'm thinking 212-215ish by June1? Help me out, thanks!

    Supplement stacks?
    When to take and when to eat/snack?

    Greatly appreciated!

  2. PX Black by finaflex/redefine nutrition is good. I'm about to give fat smack by purus a try too.

  3. Fat Smack by Purus Labs would be a great supplement to try.
    Checkout the nutrition sub forum for a ton of info on diet as well
    Use Code Montego15 for 15% off at milehighkratom.com

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