Cutting diet 200lb male - advice welcomed

  1. Cutting diet 200lb male - advice welcomed

    Finished off bulking this year at 245 lbs at 17% .
    Same cutting plan as last year.

    Goal is to cut down to 200 lbs at 7-8% as summer is on the corner of the calendar. So my diet will be as planned.

    7:00 am - 5 eggs whole, 4 egg whites

    9:30 am- 50 g whey isolate, 1.5 lbs nat peanut butter ( no sugar )

    12:00 pm - 6 oz chicken , 1/2 cup almonds

    2:30 pm - same as 9:30 am

    5:00 pm - 8 oz steak, romaine lettuce with 1 tbls virgin olive oil

    7:30 pm - same as 9:30am/2:30 pm or 4 whole eggs, 4 egg whites

    This will be incorporated with fasted LISS in morning 45min/ 6 day week

    Any thoughts or suggestions on diet?

  2. Have you done this diet before? Looks a little low on the fat side. Your doing keto right?

  3. Yes im doing keto. I did this last summer as well. But it was for my first competition this year .

    Stats on this are 310 pro 102 fat around 30 g carb.

    60-30-10 macros

  4. Yup then you know how it is.

    If you got the system then your good man. Make sure to get psyllium husk, my first round on keto I went a month without it and thought I would explode lol. Good luck on your completion! Take a before picture too for extra motivation.

  5. Thanks. I will post a before picture then one 3 weeks later. Just to show the power of what diet can do.

    Going to go the usual 2-3 weeks without a carb meal then start one every 7 days.

  6. 1.5 lbs of peanut butter?..

  7. Tbls*

  8. I would say up the fat just a little more. That is my personal preference.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by deusis9 View Post
    Just wondering. U was looking for a new diet plan seeing how I too am cutting and my diet actually looks about the same. Ad I actually do like the low fat approach to it all.


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