How do you come out of a diet?

  1. How do you come out of a diet?

    I'm competing in my first men's physique show on May 11th and I want to continue to another show on June 29th. After the first competition can I take off a week as in diet wise, and start strong for the second competition. After the second competition does anyone know how to diet out slowly. I'm asking because I've read that guys gain a lot of the weight back and spill over after they eat regular meals. Any suggestions

  2. I would say it has a lot to do with their precontest diet that they get so out of shape after the competition. You have to realize most are on such low calorie diets that their metabolisms are completely shot. The only thing continuing their weight loss is drugs/supplements. Then when they start back a somewhat normal diet their body is still in preservation mode so they pack the fat on.

    The best idea would be to have a diet that doesn't completely destroy your metabolism during your pre contest.

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