Ultrasonic Cavitation For Fatloss

  1. Ultrasonic Cavitation For Fatloss

    Have any of you guys tried these things?
    They are getting fairly cheap. I saw one for 145 on ebay and a few hundred on amazon. The reviews and results look promising.

    They use ultrasound to kill fat cells..
    Buying one would be a hell of a lot cheaper than going for treatments. Which could be thousands..

    I'd post some link but can't because I don't have enough posts.

  2. Nobody?? Damn, I'd think people at a forum like this would be all over this sort of thing. I'd buy one and try it but I'm moving soon. (saving money) So wont for a few months.
    FWIW, ultrasonic cavitation, from what I have researched, seems to work pretty well. Especially considering it's something you can do at home by yourself.

  3. Nobody wants to be first without long term prognosis

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