Lean, Legs still FAT

  1. Lean, Legs still FAT

    8%bf (legit)

    Been cutting for a long time almost 6 months, my goal is 165lb @ 6%.

    Everywhere is getting ripped - full 6-pack, 8-pack is coming in, striations in shoulders/back, vascularity everywhere.

    Here's the thing, my legs are getting nice separation, but right in the hamstring/inner thigh area is a huge amount of fat that just makes my legs look like chunks.

    Am I going to have to wait until I get to 6% or more to see this go away? I mean it's only another 5lbs, can't see that being all I need to lose...seems too easy...

    By the way, I'm on ECY. Have some Helios as well.

  2. It'll come off in time everyone holds fat differently man

  3. Thanks bro. kinda figured that would be the case.

  4. I think that is your problem area my friend, we all have them; so that is your storage area as such.

    Keep hitting hard and it will work out

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