Endo/Mesomorph Cutting Diet

  1. Endo/Mesomorph Cutting Diet

    Okay so I am planning on a cutting cycle (obviously) from what I have gained, knowledge wise, I am between a body type of endo and mesomorph. My goal for this is to shed some body fat while keeping muscle mass (as is any cutting goal).

    Some quick stats:
    6ft 3 inches
    235 lbs
    Around 17-18% bodyfat
    Played football/hockey all through highschool, always have been athletic
    Have been serious into training for about 6 years

    Now I think it should be said before hand this wil be an Epistane cutting cycle (utilizing the prohormone for increased protien synthesis and muscle preservation)

    But my main question is about diet. Obviously, the basics include high protien (200-300g for my bodyweight), high water intake (gallon+ everyday), carbs I will only eat upon waking and pre-workout (mabye some simple carbs post workout to replenish glycogen levels), fats I will try to keep relatively even throughout the cycle with the total macros looking at around 65% protien, 15% fats, 10% carbs (again, will be using the prohormone "Epistane" so macros have been adjusted for that) other side notes include am cardio on an empty stomach, vitamin c supplementation to help with cort control as well as "drying" out, ect....I plan on eating 6+ small meals a day to keep metabolism high. The majority of these meals will be protien based.

    forgot to add- total calorie count will start at a baseline of around 2700-2800 calories (which is my basic metabolic rate in a caloric representation, already calculated that myself) then i will proceed go into a deficit of around 300 calories and decrease from there depending on how much i can handle.

    So I guess my question is how does this look? What do you think?

    Any opinions, advice, or experience would be appreciated!

    Thanks everyone,

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