Greilich's cut losing the finally bf!

  1. Greilich's cut losing the finally bf!

    Long story short, Ive had a long journey, starting out age 21; 317lbs and frustrated I began workout out and dieting. Fast forward 3 years I'm roughly 185 lbs, losing 135-140 lbs. Ive been 185 for the past 2 years, struggling to cut the last bit down I dieted harder and trained hard than before last march and dropped to 176lbs, 12% bf, I felt weak and small and laxed on my workout routine after injuring my shoulder. Well now I'm back at 185 17% bf or greater (tough due to extra skin from the rapid weightloss). I'm considering this week 1 back on a strict routine after successful sticking to diet and training the previous week.

    I plan to use
    Dymatize elite iso blend
    Flax/fish oil
    Erase pro

    I will be doing

    I may take 3rd day off for rest after back. This routine worked fantastic for me before and I expect nothing but that again. (At 178) Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1362364753.616087.jpg
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    Current just taken photo.
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    Looking for advice on building front of shoulder back up and overall mass on the delts. I know they're many small muscles that need stimulation yet since injury I lost all the hard work

    My diet will be high protein 200gram range med/high fat 50-75 gram range from almonds, almond milk and olive oil. And carb cycling 3 high 4 low, 2 low 3 high 1 high 4 low(etc etc)

  2. Any advice/input/personal experience with dosages that worked well? I realize they are listed on the bottle but personal experiences on successful dosages are welcome.

  3. Greilich's cut losing the finally bf!

    First day on the stack. I love it. I felt energy kick in within 15 mins after taking alphamine, my appetite was through the roof. I had a uplifting mood through out the day as well.
  4. Greilich's cut losing the finally bf!

    Is water retention normal while running this stack? My searches before I ran this stack didn't mention any. Just seems I'm very bloated today yet I'm running low carbs for another 2 days..? Input
  5. Greilich's cut losing the finally bf!

    Any info??



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