Back at it after 6months and 25lbs gained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Back at it after 6months and 25lbs gained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok Today makes 6 months that I have been out of the gym. No excuses! I can blame work but thats a kitty cop out. I've gained 25lbs of pure jello and its time to make it disappear! Need advice on what supplements I can stack to get me to my goals. Here is my training and diet for the next 90 days.

    Monday- 50 minute Legs + 30 min interval cardio+ abs
    Evening- 30 minute run
    Tuesday- 50 min. Chest + 30 min interval cardio
    evening- 30 min Bike ride( help with the sore legs)
    Wednesday- 50 min back + 30 min interval cardio
    evening- 30 min bike ride
    Thursday- 50 min shoulders+ traps+Abs+ 30 min interval cardio
    evening- 30 min run
    Friday- 50 min Biceps+ triceps+forarms + 30 min interval cardio
    Saturday-45 min interval sprints+ abs

    Diet: not getting to specific but
    Protein: 220gr
    Carbs: 100gr
    Minimal sugar intake!!!!

    With the reduced carb intake I know i'm going to be struggling for energy with the increased 2-a-day cardio. Any help, advice, suggestions you guys can offer would be great!! Thanks

  2. My first advice is to come at it a little slower paced to start with. 6 months lay off is a while man. It is hard to up the intensity when starting out so high on it to start with.

  3. You did put together a good program though!

  4. As for sups, I don't usually take any until I get into serious cutting phase. I just starting doing an MIC/B12 combo that is killing it. Check that out maybe.

  5. Thanks Gopro great advice. I was not planning on starting any supps till week 2. Thing is I want she'd as much fat as possible over the next 60 days in order to. Focus on a muscle building cycle afterwards. With the reduced carbs my energy levels are subpar. Need something to give me the extra boost to make it through the work outs

  6. If you are doing a log or something, I would love to follow your progress.

    Check out JonesBones40's thread for some great motivation.


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