Too much Iron?

  1. Too much Iron?

    I have heard that men don't need any iron in their diets. I'm currently taking AST's Multi-Pro 32x, and I'm worried I may be getting too much iron in my diet?

  2. do not use any suppliments containing iron, you get enough from eating a regular bulking diet. Too much iron can have grave consquences

  3. I take AST 2x daily with a lot of chicken/beef. In 6 months I haven't had any problems.

  4. Iron is generally seen as unecessary for the gym going community because we are already taking in lots of red meat, poultry, tuna, liver tablets by the pound every day.

    Can't recall how much exactly but relatively small amounts of iron every day can build up to toxic levels. There are many multi-vits which do not contain iron.

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