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I'd say 18-22 just because it's nice to have a broad generalization "for me at least" Say i'm 18 to be "cool" tell myself i'm 22 cause I gotta keep working. My bs calipers tell me 8.4%, I always add at least 4-6% on those dumb things. Just did traps today, db's have such better ROM for me, but can't argue with the amount of weight when using a barbell. Also for the traps, try out straps if you don't. Never been feeling it so much, you don't have to worry about grip strength just pulling them bitches up!
sorry for the delay man, yeh that is a good way to look at it!

I have decided to compete in september next year. As I have just finished my HDROL cycle I am going to finish PCT then continue training with maintenance/above calories for another 2 months then do a slow cut for 8 weeks and hopefully get to <15% bf then continue to bulk for another 9 months.

I am coming up to a year of training so I will get the one year progress pics up for everyone to see!

Lastly, I am extremely happy with my hdrol results. I am noticing a big difference in almost all areas of my body and am up from 86.6 to 92kg with BF looking the same if not lower. Will get pics up next week!

yeah buddy