Not sure if in right place or not...But here goes.

I'm currently cutting....down 7 lbs in 3 weeks

5'10" 185 lbs.

Eating strictly between 1800-1900 calories

Macro's are approximately:
20G Fat,
180G Carb (Brown Rice, Oats, Yam),
220 Gram Protein (Chicken Breast, Tuna, Flank Steak)

Lifting 5 day split......

Now my point.....

I'm hardcore sledneck this past weekend (and most others in winter) I put 100 miles on my Summit 800, all off-trail, deep-snow, climbing, boondocking....

I can not put enough fuel on the fire...I have to stop and eat every 30 minutes and its still not enough. Still keep it pretty clean while riding...whole-grain bagels, beef jerky...This past Saturday I tallied up my caloric intake...was in excess of 4000 calories.

Get Monday morning change which is good considering the "binge"....

Is there a way to approximate the amount of caloric expenditure in a day of snowmobiling at 9000 feet? I'm really trying to plan my diet around weekend activity and want to be certain I'm not sabotaging my cut.