Carbs on off days?

  1. Carbs on off days?

    Ive been only doin carbs before and after workouts and it seems to be working. Should i do carbs on off days? If so, how many and what times? Im 36 yrs old, 160lbs with 14% bodyfat. Im trying to bring it down below 10%.

  2. usally on rest days the easiest thing to do is to drop pre/post meals/shakes.Id just take in a few in morning in your case for alittle fuel for the day.As to how many that depends on your diet(keto ect..)

  3. thats personal preference. are you in a form of keto or just trying to lean down
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  4. I still eat the same amount of carbs on off days. I just spread them out evenly throughout the day, instead of around workouts. My weight will go up the next day, but then it comes down to normal or less by the 2nd day. This is what works for me.
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  5. Ideally no but I have still been eating some off day carbs. I try to keep them lower and wait to eat them as late as possible.



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