Help with my Leangains macros

  1. Help with my Leangains macros

    What's up fellas. Im currently cutting using leangains I had to recalculate my macros recently. My old ones where based off of the IF calculator and I believe I set my activity level to high and was running a recomp rather than a cut. My stats are 156lbs 5ft 11in 23 years young. Bodyfat i'd guess is around 12% maybe 13% my old macro set up 2124 calories on workout days 214pro 237carb 35.2fat rest days 214pro 99carbs 44fat my recalculated macros with my activity level set to sedentary using a -30 -10 protocol would be workout days
    1865 cals
    170 pro
    222.3 carb
    33 fat
    Rest days
    1409 cals
    170 pro
    46 carb
    61 fat
    Any critiquing of this is welcomed I will
    Try and log this cut . routine will be RPT 3 times a week consisting of bench squats and deadlifts as well as weighted chin up and some other miscellaneous exercises thrown in. Main goal is to get back to my fighting weight at 147 and get down to like 8% bodyfat. Thanks guys.

  2. I wish you would space more.
    Functional Training Hell Workout (An Offday/Cardio Workout!)

  3. main advice? at 156, so long as you stay at least at 130g protein, don't worry much about the rest (other than total calories). just avoid processed carbs and the rest will work itself out.

  4. Ok cool I guess i'm just confused with what i've read some places say you should set it up so it a -30 on rest days and a plus 10 on workout days.
    I was just curious if being an a deficit on both days would be a problem. And I apologizefor the spacing i'm sending this through my phone and it likes to be difficult.

  5. I mentioned this on another post:

    I would suggest a +10/-35 approach when cutting. The surplus helps with recovery and strength gains during the cut. At your body fat percentage, measurements and strength stats are going to be much more relevant to progress than the # on the scale. (Ex. 9 weeks into a cut scale weight stayed the same, but I lost 3 inches off my gut, week 10 no changes in diet or training and I lost 3 pounds)...

    I suggest you check out Andy Morgan's website at and pay particular attention to his articles on setting up the Leangains diet, setting macros, and tracking progress.

    A note about your protein and what another poster said, 170 may be overly cautious and high for your body weight. Stay above 130 and you will be fine (150 if you are overly paranoid about muscle loss). After that it becomes more about preference and satiety. Don't hit the 170 number at the expense of real food, complete meals and overall enjoyment.

    Carb counts and balance of fats will be much more subject to your personal experiences. The key will be to find a range that works for you while cycling higher carbs and lower on training/off days.

    Finally, my experience with the boards is they are a cluster**** of cacophonous noise with grains of quality info hidden in the midst. You can't go wrong just sticking to Martins site and Andy's site, combined with their Facebook postings. There is years worth off info in these two places and they are the experts. All of the answers can be found there.



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