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    Thats what worked for me also. I try to eat fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits (workout days only). Nothing processed. I allow myself a carb dinner twice a week around 6pm and then fast until 9am which is an hour after my HIIT workout . I also cut out grains and dairy but as Doc said you have to try different things to see what works for you. As you have found out it takes a lot to get to his point, now you have get to know your new body and figure out how to achieve your next set of goals.
    Cool you do your HIIT early in the AM?

  2. Yes at 5:30 in the morning fasting

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    Nice man, awesome job on the progress.
    You too, keep posting your progress and let me know how you do with HIIT

  4. Woaah! Great improvement! I can say you are on the right track now! So nice!


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